Ways To Become The King Of Hoops In NBA Live Mobile Game


When I want to play a virtual game, I do not like to concentrate on any other sensitive issues other than hitting the goal and scoring points. I found that managing and building a strong team is necessary to proceed further with the game, but I did not want to miss out on the fun and excitement of dribbling the ball, stealing it, dunking the opponent and hitting the basket. Therefore, I confidently and simply used the nba live mobile hack apk to generate all the cash and coins I required throughout the game so that I could only target the ball at the basket.

In this NBA Live Mobile game, I got a chance to play against and with the best of players, in the real world and as well as on the internet and did not want to let go the chance even a bit. So, I chose to play the daily challenge always. I found this casual game of basketball is the finest and just required me to shoot properly to score a basket. There is a specific technique for it and it is simple as well. I just had to swipe my finger up and had to make it land in the middle of the square which is above the hoop. It always proved effective to me. Even if I had to make free throws, I aimed at the middle of the square.

It is also effective to take part in Daily challenges as it improved my ranking as well. I earned a lot of cash as and when I reached to the top three. When I made longer shots, it meant more points just like in the real game. It all depend on the scoring system of NBA Live Mobile game of course, but I even earned ten to twenty points in one shot depending on how far from I took the shot. In this case, too I maintained the thumb rule of hitting the ball in the middle of the square.

I had to aim my shot well as the square becomes smaller while taking a shot from a distance. I upgraded my ball or bought a new one now and then. Though it required some cash to do so as I said I never did worry about cash as I always had enough in hand. It helped me a lot in scoring in NBA Live Mobile game, and I did not need to spend a lot of time in aiming the ball at the basket. I got new balls by unlocking it after every the completion of every level.

Apart from shooting from a distance I also aimed for consecutive shots as I found that hitting a specific number of shots at a time helped the ball to light up. It is also possible to score on the double in NBA Live Mobile game when the ball is shot while being on fire and I did exactly that never missing an opportunity as I knew that if I missed twice the ball would go back to normal mode. Therefore, I took all the chances to take the best shot every time I laid a hand on the basketball.

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